Zürich 21.12.2014


Moriarty’s « Epitaph » tour: Moods-Schiffbau, Zürich (CH) 21.12.2014

At last we’re back in Züri. It’s been two years since the Rote Fabrik. Now we get to play in the beautiful Schiffbau, a gigantic shipbuilding factory transformed into a theater, in the upbeat-trendy ex-industrial zones north of the Hauptbahnhof. Carine & Rona welcome us into the intimate deep-blue jazzclub. It’s sunday-before-christmas night and we fear that the Zürich audience won’t be very numerous. But at 7:30pm the public starts to fill up the space, and it’s a warm crowd. We end the night (and the tour) at the club Helsinki a few blocks away, listening to the Trio From Hell: this is where Zürich gets hot.





By isabella