İstanbul, Part II: Robinson Crusoe 389 31.10.2013


First concert in Turkey for the band. Robinson Crusoe 389, a small bookstore on İstiklal Caddesi, sells carefully selected turkish and english-language books; they are threatened by the rising prices and rents of central Istanbul, and might soon close down… but who wants to see another Türkcell phone shop, or a global fashion store, taking the place of a beloved treasure-trove like this one? We play an acoustic concert, stripped down to two guitars and vocals, in the middle of the books, while outside the neverending human stream keeps on flowing. İnside the shop, it’s getting pretty crowded too. Midway through the third song, a young lady walks into the store and to tease her, Arthur asks the audience how to translate « you’re late » into turkish… bewildered looks reply « …There’s no such concept here in İstanbul! ».
Moriarty on tour: Turkey 31.11.2013





By isabella