Air Rytmo Night 16.10.2013


A cold wet night in Paris, but it’s sweltering hot inside the Cigale.
Christine Salem opens the show with her percussionnists, aka les tontons, Harry & David, pounding some maloya beats and calling the spirits to rise. The three Mama Rosins then pick it up, merging the creole vibes from both sides of the planet. Then it’s Moriarty’s turn with the Fugitives’songs, carrying their loads of murder, loss and seduction: Matty Groves, Candyman, Buffalo Skinners, Ramblin’Man, Dying Crapshooter’s Blues, Moonshiner, Little Sadie… Rosemary’s dad Wayne comes on stage to sing the story of Pretty Boy Floyd the outlaw, and we play along and follow his deliciously unpredictable storytelling. Then it’s time for the creole finale: the Mama Rosins join us for three songs in cajun french, Christine and Rosemary mingle their kreol lyrics and finally all the bands unite on stage for Bon Temps Roulet (Roulet Boulet!)… The Air Rytmo Night, La Cigale, Paris 16.10.13








By isabella