West Rock, Cognac 09.12.2014


On the road to Cognac. Sunlight again, reflected on the mirror surface of the Charente river. White stone town. The ex-slaughterhouse we’re playing in has been completely refurbished since the last time we came, it now feels like a homely, cosy, welcoming place, sheltered by a thick wooden roof. This is the hometown of our first singer Charlene, she is there to welcome us and we remember the summer weeks we spent in Cognac, back in ’98, playing music in her barn next to the distillery and walking through the vineyards… Right after the soundcheck we are interviewed by a team of high-school students shooting a TV program. They drove (sailed?) all the way from the Île d’Oléron. The young man interviewing us tells us his name is Jimmy, and his mother’s name is Rosemary ! Odd coincidence… At 8pm a duet of twin sisters open the show, tap-dancing, playing guitar and singing in harmony at the same time. Our concert goes well, there’s a lot of schoolkids in the audience for once. Some people drove from Angoulême, others from Lacanau… Late at night we walk through the silent deserted streets and grab some sleep à une auberge nommée le Cheval Blanc.

Moriarty on tour: Cognac 09.12.2014





By isabella