Silex, Auxerre 06.12.2014


Arrival in Auxerre, for our first time in this city; Le long de l’Yonne, the great riverfront, brown and grey buildings dominated by grand cathedrals and churches. Tonight we play a sold-out show in a new venue called the « Silex » (french for « flintstone »): a weird concrete block covered in triangular « mineral » patterns, triangular windows, triangular door handles… it feels like the architects have put a lot of energy in designing the facade, but alas, from inside these tiny triangular windows don’t feel very generous, especially considering the beautiful openings on the river that one could have had from the dressing-rooms… Nevertheless the black-box type concert hall is simple and straightforward, with good acoustics and a close relationship to the audience and the balcony. The stage is wide and deep, allowing our light-engineer Nieves Salzmann to fully work out her stage design project: a mirror, a streetlight and a few suspended objects framing the scene: the Epitaph road. It’s a very chaotic show for us, with every sort of mishap and incident happening at untimely timings… it ends in a crisis of uncontrollable laughter as we prepare to play « How Many Tides »…! We end up chatting with the audience until 1:30am in the hall, discovering that many of them came from far away to come to the show – some came from the nearby Morvan, others drove 300km to get there!
Buffalo Skinners
When I Ride
History Of Violence
Private Lili
Long Live The Devil
Ginger Joe
Back In Town
Fire Fire
Dying Crapshooter Blues
Little Sadie
Across From My Windows
I Will Do
How Many Tides





By isabella