Philharmonie II 24.01.2015


Moriarty on tour: Philharmonie II (ex-Cité de la Musique) Paris 24.01.2015

Back in Paris, the big twisted shape of the Philharmonie rises in the smog-filled air, cranes and workers still struggling to finish the shiny cladding, while inside concerts are already taking place (and the architect notoriously refuses to appear at the inauguration and to sign a building he doesn’t recognize as his anymore). But anyways the organizers decided we would not get to play in the brand-new venue, but rather in the old Cité de la Musique where we played our « Before Dylan » gig two years ago: we’re a bit disappointed (and probably the audience too) but it’s not that bad at all… we like Portzamparc’s big elliptical room with its good, clear acoustics. Dressing-rooms cosy like a little apartment, overlooking these artificial streets where we watch the audience queue up in a long line stretching from the entrance. Tonight is a soldout show for 1400 people, we will play almost the entirety of our new album Epitaph, And together with photo and film-artist Clément Deuve we’ve prepared a surprise for the aftershow, a super-8 video movie that was filmed a few years ago: Julie Gold’s Candy Cane Tale.
Later in the night, our friend Megan Awesome -who just flew in from Brooklyn- makes the people dance like madmen in the hall. We cannot, however, celebrate for too long because next morning we have to rehearse at 10am for the next gigs…





By isabella