Nyon 19.12.2014


Moriarty’s Epitaph Tour: L’Usine à Gaz, Nyon, Switzerland 19.12.2014

A short drive from Geneva, along the lake in the low, warm december sunlight. Arriving in front of the venue, a remodelled grey factory, stainless steel gates, a few chairs on a gravel square; we recognize the opening sequences of Jean-Luc Godard’s « Adieu au Langage »… The venue sounds a bit like a cave – high and narrow room, black stone walls. We sleep upstairs, in an apartment on top of the dressing-rooms with a view on the lake, and realize it’s another experience to play and spend the night in the same place: it’s like a musical home. The place is packed with 250 or 300 people, people coming in from Lausanne and Geneva, Annemasse or other swiss towns, and the gig is good and long. At 1:30am, while there’s a loud dance party going on in the entrance foyer, some of us sneak into the kitchen and grab some leftovers: meringue & double-crème de Gruyère.





By isabella