Driving south towards the Landes, high towering mediterranean pines, their needles covering the sandy ground. We’re sleeping under the roof of a traditional house, wooden skeleton turned towards the east for freshness and rising sun. In the night, shooting stars streak the sky, bats fly into the house and flutter in circles across the beds. The next day we reach the festival, spread throughout the village of Luxey. The church, slow haven of fresh dark light and shade. Thousands of people in front of the big stage. Heat and sweat. Behind our backs lies a beautiful cemetary, to which we dedicate Decaf’. Straight after the show at 11:30pm we hop on a bus that drives us to bordeaux, to catch a plane at dawn. Next stop: Colmar.
Moriarty on tour: Festival Musicalarue, Luxey (F) 14.08.2012.





By isabella