In the company of Wols


Second acoustic show in Paris : Galerie Hus, nestled at the foot of the Montmartre hill. Outside the Xmas lights are glowing, inside it’s Otto Wols’s etchings, scratched and cut into the surface of the metal plates. Are they scribbles? cities? nerves? sounds? Tristan the gallery owner tells us the story; Wols was a musician, always playing the violin for hours before he got in the mood to draw. And one day he died tragically alone in a hotel suite, eating a piece of meat gone bad… Gallery Hus is all about « works on paper » – no pixels and multimedia here – and somehow it resonates with our acoustic instruments that don’t rely on screens and bytes either. And little Lucie is there and she dances and dances during the rehearsals and the show with seemingly endless energy. Halfway through the gig the heat in the room – packed with over seventy people – becomes subtropical and the storefront gets obscured with mist. And maybe even Otto Wols’s tiny microcosmic drawings feel the heat.





By isabella