Diane’s museum


First round of the secret acoustic shows in Paris: Musée de la Chasse. Hunting museum. Bears, buffaloes, dogs bearing weird names, owls on the ceiling, alligators suspended in the underground parking. And guns and rifles. Stories of life and death. The empty museum at night, animal ghosts lurking after all. An albino boar starts talking in the voice of Jacques Lacan, moving its eyes and jaws madly. The songs played raw – acoustic guitar, double-bass, harmonica, snare drum, dobro, vocals without microphones – reveal the sound of the rooms; subdued and velvety in the salon de compagnie; wide and ample and soft in the tapestry room. concentrated and resonating in the small cabinet of the owls. bright and sharp in the dog’s salon; and finally, wood-grained and reverberated in the glass casings of the trophy room. And also each time a new relationship takes shape with the audience, at times sitting down, huddled against each other or swarming across the room…
Memories of that show will linger on for some time. It feels unreal somehow.









By isabella