Fog over München


Leaving Prague… a long drive to München through Bayern all covered with blankets of white fog.
The Feierwerk is an old fire station converted into a rock venue.
Skaters are swarming around the place in the cold icy sunlight.
Good old Ivi is there to cook heart-warming and throat-scorching soul food.
An east-german skeleton found by Arthur in Dresden looms over our homemade record shop.
Dad Horse Experience opens the show with his banjo, toes stomping over a foot-keyboard, in a raucous german akzent. he carries a penguin-shaped plastic suitcase.
The show goes well, the room is small and packed, and that night some songs fuse into each other, dark line becoming whiteman’s ballad halfway through…
Outside one has to survive through the cold fog now shrouding buildings and men alike – like a cold spray of night water.
In the middle of the night we reach our beloved Pension Mariandl on Goethestraße, looking spooky and warm as ever, and the owner opens the ground floor café for us so we can have a little chat with Florian & friends, some Schokolade Kuchen and cognac and Vince can set up his music machine and sweet soul music starts flowing through the empty goethian rooms.
Tomorrow we’ll be in Switzerland.







By isabella