Woody Guthrie


Somewhere in the french countryside, the border between Anjou and Poitou. Golden hills covered with vineyards, families gathered in farmhouses made of white stone, icy chilling cold arctic air and warm sunshine on a landscape that looks like another Big Sky Country, Montana maybe?
Guitarist Seb Martel invited us to perform a tribute to Woodie Guthrie. We in turn invited Rosemary’s dad, Wayne Standley, who knows Guthrie’s repertoire better than anyone…
In the tiny Salle des Fêtes packed with four hundred villagers (plus some fans who drove from Nancy!) Seb & Annem open the show with a dance performance. We start with a few songs, and Wayne comes in, singing « Pretty Boy Floyd », « What does the Deep Sea Say? », « Lonesome Road Blues », « Who’s Gonna Suit Your Pretty Little Foot? », « Oklahoma Blues ». Then it’s Seb Martel’s turn with his guest Emeline on backing vocals, and his brother Nicolas Martel who reads french translations of Guthrie’s lyrics to the audience. In the end we join in on « Pastures of Plenty », « Hard Working ». And the audience stands up to dance on « I Will Do », « Bacon », « Isabella », « Whiteman’s Ballad ». For the encore we all come on stage, nine musicians to play « this Land is Your Land » together…

Moriarty on tour with Wayne Standley. Woody Guthrie tribute, Puy Notre-Dame, France, 27.10.12.









By isabella