Salem+Moriarty (8): Penmarc’h


All the way to Finis Terrae, Penn Ar Bed. As we reach the Pointe de la Torche a hail storm whips us down to the ground like a biblical punishment, Harry and Christine seek shelter behind the german WW2 bunker (twist of fate) and the Moriarties gather around David to protect him (he’s only wearing his Reunion Island summer clothes!). Soon this little apocalypse is relieved by shafts of light piercing through the dark clouds. We return to the venue to dry ourselves out and get ready for the sold-out show. The concert that night lasts well over two hours, with special guest drummer Dana on percussions, Rosemary thanks the staff & locals (and especially Claudia & Michel who helped set this gig up!) and it ends with the audience singing « mameleo » long after we’ve left the stage.

Moriarty on tour with Christine Salem, Cap Caval, Penmarc’h, 15.12.12.





By isabella