Salem+Moriarty (2): Annonay


Back on the road with Christine Salem & her musicians Harry & David from the Reunion Island. First stop: Théâtre d’Annonay, Ardèche, 06.12.12.
A long drive south in the tour-bus, with Tom and Arthur at the wheel. On the way we kidnap a deviant Santa-Claus advertising for an american soda at a gas station. Then we drive by the intimidating monstrous skeleton of Lyon Confluences built by Coop Himmelb(l)au. The blinding sun stays straight in axis with the highway for the whole day, until we reach Ardèche and its winding roads.
The city square of Annonay is destroyed for redesign, and we wait for the bulldozers to clear the way before we unload our cargo: Moriarty’s instruments mixed with creole percussions, dum-dum drums, roulèr, kayamb, sati, picker, triangle. The theatre is a beautiful tiny blue cupola, filled with an attentive audience, some of which came to the chilling show at the chapelle Sainte-Marie the year before. Others came from Lyon or even Madrid…








By isabella