December 2011. The tour goes on. After a train ride through shiny waters and floating mountains again, we reach Perpignan and its train station, celebrated by Dali as the Center of the Universe (the axis around which the Iberian Peninsula revolved 132 million years ago…) Then the odd silhouettes of the Théâtre de l’Archipel loom over us… a gigantic red sphere. A pinkish concrete tower. A shed made of yellow corrugated iron. A cube of rusted steel. Luckily once on stage it all feels more serene. Up on the last floor a meditative space looks over the city’s skyline, towards the mountains, it’s all vertigo and dizzyness with the void calling behind the glass panes. We wait as the sun goes down. Then the audience starts filling up the blood-red sphere of the theatre like as if it were a giant heart, the entrance corridors its arteries. And pretty soon they start thumping along with the music. Some courageous -or crazy- ones even drove all the way from Barcelona! Tomorrow we’ll be back in the north.






By isabella