Do you like the smell of negative film and the sweet purring sound of 16mm movie cameras ? Can you stand the blazing heat of the spotlights burning your face for hours? Moriarty needs you as an extra for a movie shoot !

On Sunday (6pm till… midnight) we will shoot the new video for Isabella, directed by Fred Poulet. This will take place inside the Divan Du Monde, 75 rue des martyrs, metro Pigalle in Paris.

You will need humour, dedication, and an awful lot of patience. You will have to stay calm and keep a cool, relaxed figure while being ordered to replay the same scene five, ten times, or maybe more. You will have to wait while directors, artists, technicians argue endlessly. Now we’ve warned you.

But in the end you will have the satisfaction of witnessing your silhouette being imprinted onto negative film at 24 frames per second. And perhaps unexpected things will happen.

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By isabella