In April 2016, we disclosed "Epiphany": a treasure map with 14 enigmas leading to 14 caches around the world. In each of these spots, we buried an unreleased song from the band's archive, hidden on a flashdrive sealed inside a box or a bottle. Together, these 14 songs formed an underground ghost-album, that the listeners had to uncover themselves.

For a period of five months, the music hunters struggled to decipher the enigmas. They embarked on travels around the world to find the hiding spots, searched in the ground, inside walls, tombstones and tree trunks. Week after week, we received messages telling us of their adventures, as they travelled through deserts, fields and jungles, at the heart of modern metropolises, destroyed cities and faraway peninsulas. And one by one, they unearthed the boxes and listened to the music, making it resonate with the atmosphere of these spiritual places, these fourteen thresholds to the otherworld.

Today, November 1st, 2016, "Dia de Muertos" in Mexico... we can announce that the last cache has finally been discovered by the music hunters. On another continent, close to the mouth of the underworld, somewhere between the roots of a jungle tree.

Now that all 14 hidden songs have been retrieved, we will disclose the full album: the treasure map will become a musical track, and the songs will be streaming on it, available for free on our site (www.moriartyland.net/epiphany/epiphany_streaming.html)

We're also making all the songs available in a limited-edition box (1000 pieces handcrafted by Zim, Charles and the Air Rytmo crew), and similar to the ones buried around the world.  The little tin box, embossed and numbered by hand, contains the whole album in digital form (.wav), complete with lyrics and enigmas, on a bespoke USB-flashdrive. The box is also filled with little treasures from the band's archive (handcrafted photographs, texts, fragments of original lyrics, gold flakes, mysterious scents, broken strings or drawings by Zim...). It will only be available on our site (www.moriartyland.net/mall).

Yours truly,
Zim Moriarty

ps: You may have discovered one of the boxes, maybe several, or you may not. In any case, if you still want to go for the adventure and come across powerful secret places and (who knows) unknown parts of yourself, the enigmas are still valid and most of the boxes are still waiting in their hiding spot, if time hasn't dissolved them yet...

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All songs published by Air Rytmo (P) & (C) 2016. Credits available here

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