Each Epitaph song is related to a special place, somewhere in the world. Near this place, some Moriarty music is buried / hidden (alternative versions, unreleased songs...), as pieces of an underground album called "Epiphany".
Look for the two intertwined circles.
The map below will lead you to these places.
When a hidden music is discovered, we will switch on its light on the map below.
As a multiple keys lock, the Epiphany album will be disclosed only when all the song lights are switched on (RED).

Music is hidden in USB flashdrives, inside small iron boxes or bottles.
Ideally, bring a computer with you, listen to the music, copy it and put it back in the hidden spot for the others.
You can also add something of your own inside.
Please feel free to document your search, and to send us the pictures & films (at epiphany@moriartyland.net) when you find the music, without showing where it is.
Look for hints inside the lyrics, booklets and films of Moriarty's albums and watch for signs around you ...

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